Integrative Trauma Bodywork Therapy

Created 2013


ITBT was created to allow clients to address trauma of any kind through customized psychotherapy and bodywork. Psychotherapy can address the specific trauma history through narrative therapy, emotional regulation, and safety planning and harm reduction. The development of trust and attachment to the psychotherapist allows the client to consider the safe and healing touch of massage and bodywork for further healing. The bodywork allows any trauma embodied in muscle tissue to be released. This, in combination with the safe environment provided by the team of providers, allows client to experience more complete healing. The tandem healing seems to allow growth and healing to occur at a faster pace than therapy or bodywork alone.


Client enters into regular weekly psychotherapy to address preliminary trauma concerns and is assessed for safety and stability by licensed professional counselor. When ready the client will begin bodywork with a licensed bodyworker with the psychotherapist present. Client will remained fully clothed during all massages. Presence of the psychotherapist reinforces trust and allows attachment and safety to develop between the client and bodyworker. Client remains in regular psychotherapy sessions outside of massage sessions. Massage sessions last 30-60 minutes based on comfort level of client and can be adjusted as trust and safety increase.

During sessions, massage therapist and psychotherapist check in regularly with client for safety, body memories, flashbacks, etc. Breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques are used to keep client in a receptive state for bodywork. Over time, and as trust and attachment to bodyworker grow, psychotherapist leaves massage in stages or for short periods of time to develop client's confidence in the bodywork session. Eventual goal is for client to remain in bodywork session alone with massage professional. Psychotherapy appointments continue as needed.

Available at Mt. Airy Wellness.

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